Haruhi Akiko Uchiha Apllication

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Haruhi Akiko Uchiha Apllication

Post  Haruhi on Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:46 am

Name: Haruhi Akiko Uchiha

Species: Human female

Role: Captain of the pantheon and sword expert.


Job: Pirate

Age: 18

Bio:She was raised on the pantheon by the late captain Kai Uchiha, who was murdered while getting supplies from a trade station. She then took control of the ship,enraged by his death revenge is what keeps her going to find her late captain's killer,she thought highly of the captain even called him father once,she begain to closed up on even bothering with socialness. She has people who she would claim as friends that work on the pantheon. (to be continued)


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