Chapter One: The Crew

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Chapter One: The Crew

Post  Haruhi on Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:36 am

"2200AD, May 01 Captain Kai Uchiha log, my crew and i have been waiting for are pay on space station gama 433, Hopefully things will go smoothly...*chuckles* unlike the last one." Kai said.

"Arriving at the space station in excatly one hour, the employer seems legit enough, Hopefully we will have what is coming to us. After this i am thinking of handing down my right as captain,to my first mate Gect Tal he has been with me for years and i am forty already , for a pirate that's a life time to achieve."Kai said in a calm voice.

"We are docking with the station now, if all goes as planned we won't have a problem."

As the ship began to dock, the crew prepared to board it,getting all the gear they needed guns,swords and sabers and the item that was requested for the job. One of the crewmen open the hatch as three people walk out into the detection area to scan for radiation or and type of viruses , that may be on them. "they seem clean" said one of the guards. they continue threw the station, finally aproaching a lobby with all kinds of stores .
Blacksmith,tailor,general store and a small futuristic hotel that was all on the left side of station as they look to the right they see a cafe,diner and a ship upgrade store.

(to be continued)


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