Rules of the RP and Clan

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Rules of the RP and Clan

Post  Haruhi on Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:32 pm

Rules for the RP and Clan

No power gaming
What is power gaming? Power gaming is forcing something to happen without people getting a chance to react or counter. For example *Sabers john doe in half* without giving him a chance to react.

No meta gaming
What is meta gaming? Is taking outside RP resources and using them. For example going to the forums to find something out about something that you cannot possibly know.

No sam model/skin's or saber's/Sword's

No making your character(s) invinceable everyone should have a weakness.Basicly oh i am a god and you are mortal *smites killing the mortal* .

Please make the clan a family friendly environment. Basicly no talk of explicit sexual act's,No racism of any kind, No cursing/swearing due to not everyone is the same age as you plus not everyone likes it.

Please keep fighting realistic. Like no gaming mechanic exploit's such as wiggling,poking,fanning and other types of general exploits

Keep walking and running realistic and jumping if needed walk,run,jump as you would in real life. In fights do what you must using these.

Please do not make fun of the way people rp. Like if someone miss spelled or isnt good at the action and reactions.

This is for people who have admin. Do not use it unless needed for the rp. Don't use it for personal reason like to kill someone or to teleport them to you. It's mainly for keeping trolls off and rule breakers inline.


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