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Name: Typhoon
Species: titan/monster
Role: father of monsters
Age: younger than zues
Typhoon is the son of Geia and Taturus who was created to fulfill a prayer from Hera she prayed to Geia that she create a god more powerful than zues.(be carful of what you wish for).
Apearance: so tall his head touches the stars, his legs are made of 2 giant snakes his arms are that of a human but instead of fingers he has 100 venemous snakes on each hand and his eyes glow red.
Personality: a trickster who relishes in twisting the words of both his fallowers and his enemys those who seek boons from this titan should prepare for monsterous rewards.

Name: Cerberus
Species: Canine/Monster
Role: one of the gate keepers of the underworld
Parents: Typhoon and Echidna
Apearance: a three headed black dog each head sporting a difrent color of glowing eyes red, yellow, blue.
Personality: unpredictable


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